The power of a positive attitude

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”Stephen Covey

Before I started my personal development journey one of the things I never used to fully understand or deal particularly well with was setbacks and disappointments. Whenever I experienced difficulties and disappointments, I always got angry and asked life “why me?” I always ended up in a negative mind frame, I felt like life was out to get me and it just wouldn’t let me be happy. I look back at my old self now and I just laugh.

Here’s the thing, life is not supposed to be all roses 24/7. Setbacks and disappointments are inevitable; they can’t be avoided because they are a part of life. Here’s another thing, setbacks and disappointments are only TEMPORARY and they happen to everyone, life doesn’t single anyone out and there is power in knowing these things. Once you start to understand that setbacks are temporary, inevitable and that they happen to everyone, you start to realise and that there is no point in being all up in your feelings whenever life disappoints you, there is no point in asking “why me”.  The only way that you can help yourself through the trials and tribulations of life is by having a positive attitude.

A positive attitude means being in an optimistic state of mind and believing that everything will always work out in your favour. A positive attitude simply prepares you to face tough times. It makes you acknowledge the fact that the difficulty you are facing is there for a season and regardless of how hard things may be at that current time and moment, things will become better.  Here are 4 reasons why you should adopt a positive attitude:

1.Having a positive attitude allows you to take responsibility for your life.

When faced with setbacks, having a positive attitude will allow you to understand the things that you can’t control and the things that they can control. Being able to separate the two means that you can focus all of your energy towards the things that you can control and all your actions and decisions can be directed towards finding solutions to your problems. In return this will take away feeling helpless and focusing on the uncontrollable.  Taking responsibility reminds you that “to every problem, there is a solution.”

2.Having a positive attitude gives you hope for the future

Focusing all your energy on finding solutions to your problems gives you a sense of hope. It empowers you to know that things will get better one day, they will not be tough forever. As a result, it gives you motivation to take the action needed to solve your problems in order to have a better future

3.Having a positive attitude makes you happier

Taking responsibility for your life and having a hopeful future make you feel less imprisoned by the circumstances of your life.  You feel like a victor rather than a victim, in return you feel happier.

4.Having a positive attitude is good for your health

 A positive attitude is good for our mental health. Happier people are less stressed and we all know that stress is not good for your health.

As you can see, having a positive attitude has a domino effect on everything in your life. There is a saying “nothing positive will come from being negative and nothing negative will come from being positive”. When you have a positive attitude you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.  So next time when you are faced with adversity remember, don’t allow your emotions and actions to be influenced by the things happening in your life. Take a step back and remind yourself that what is happening to you is only temporary, ask yourself if there are any solutions to your problems and focus all of your energy on putting those solutions into action.

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