Four mothers share what it means to be a mum and lessons from motherhood

Being a mum is a journey filled with different emotions. Its a unique journey that feels different for everyone. In the spirit of mothers day we asked some mamas to tell us what it means for them to be a mum and the lessons they’ve learned, read their answers below:

Being a mum is CHAOS firstly! It also means never being alone, ever! Sometimes that’s a downside (when you’ve had a long day and you just need peace). But most of the time it’s nice because you always have little friends to keep you company and keep you smiling. It’s caring about someone else way more than you even care about yourself and it just feels so natural.  

Every day is different and full of surprises, either they’ve learnt a new skill or a new word. Also, there’s always something to be done (someone’s had a poo, vomited, wet themselves, made a mess everywhere. It’s unconditional love and no matter how stressed, sad or frustrated I get, it never lasts long. They just give you so much unconditional love it keeps you going, and you give it right back. Being a mum gives me purpose in life and an unimaginable drive to do better.

 Jojo, mama to 4 month old, 1 year old, 2 year old

Being a mom is having your heart run around outside your body. It’s teaching someone how to become a contributing adult. It’s empowering another to discover their unique greatness. How to face fear and do it anyway.

Biggest lesson I have learned is my imperfections are a gift. My girls love hearing how I screwed up when I was their age, so they know their mistakes won’t define them too.

Forkfighter, Mama to 13- & 11-year olds

To me, being a mum is learning to be completely selfless. Forever putting another human before your own needs and wants. Motherhood really tests your sanity and patience in so many ways, however just as much as it is difficult, its equally rewarding and I wouldn’t change it for a thing.

Jess D, Mama to a 2-year-old

Being a mom means my child comes first. Before anything. Before anyone. It means I will always be there to kiss his booboos, clean his mess and help him in anyways I can regardless of his ages.

Motherhood has taught me to put in the extra effort. Got the essentials? Good, throw in the extra clothes just in case. Is he emotional? Let’s not just cheer him up, lets go extra and find out why he’s upset and how I can help him. Of course, it has also taught me to always keep coffee in the cupboards too. And extra snacks for him.

Hannah A, 17-month-old

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