4 motivational and inspiring people that you should start your day with

The way you spend the first few minutes of your day has an impact on your attitude, productivity and sets the mood for the rest of your day. My best days are the days where I start my day by listening to something motivational. If you don’t this already, I highly recommend it. Here are my top 4 go to people that should you start your day with

Les Brown


Les Brown was one of the first motivational speakers that I discovered when I started my personal development journey. What drew me to him the most was his life story. Despite coming from a low-income background, being declared as “educable mentally retarded” and being homeless at some point during his life, he didn’t allow these factors to stop him from pursuing his dreams.  His life story reinforces the idea that it’s not about where you start, it’s about where you finish. Anything is possible if you have faith and have the drive to work hard.

Les Brown’s mission is to “get a message out that will help people become uncomfortable with their mediocrity,” he wants people to know that they don’t need to be content with their discontent. He is funny and interactive, by the time you are finished listening to him, you feel like you can achieve anything.

Dr Myles Munroe


I only discovered Myles Munroe in the last year or so and he has definitely become one of my favourite speakers.  Myles Munroe was a Christian evangelist. If you are not someone that is religious, you can still listen to his speeches, he covers topics that apply to everyone, about success, finding your purpose and many more. The way he speaks is very captivating and he makes you feel like he’s directly speaking to you.  If you are listening to one of his speeches, make sure you have a pen and paper ready because you will learn a lot from this man.

  •  Tom Bilyeu – Impact Theory

Tom Bilyeu has a show on YouTube called Impact Theory which is focused on business and mindset. The show is also available as a podcast on various platforms. Tom Bilyeu interviews various guests on the show who share their journeys as entrepreneurs, the good and the bad. The show covers a wide range of businesses, there is definitely something for everyone on the show. If you are looking to learn how other people built their success and the mindset needed to succeed, this is the channel for you.  

Evan Carmichael


When I don’t have a particular person that I want to listen to or when I just need short motivational quotes, Evan Carmichael’s YouTube channel is my go-to place. On his channel, he has a theme called “Top 10 Rules for Success” where he combines motivational content by leaders from business, political and other industry backgrounds.   His mission is to help people believe in themselves so that they can reach their full potential. If you want to start the morning believing in yourself, Evan Carmichael’s channel is for you.

Who is your favourite motivational speaker and why ? Comment below

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